You control a little droid named Wheelom, who got lost on a secret mission far away from home. Wheelom must travel through levels avoiding enemies trying to crush him, collecting keys he needs to unlock rockets that take him along his journey.

Though small, Wheelom is far from helpless, with his array of special abilities, such as thrusters allowing him to Stomp his enemies or smash obstacles in his way, and wings for floating or controlled falls to strategic positions. He can also use powerups to get through a level without getting hurt, reverse gravity or perform super high jumps.

You can also choose to control a different droid called Wheelomine, who controls different than Wheelom and so keeps the whole experience fresh.

There are more than 30 levels with new gameplay twists introduced constantly. Wheelom pays tribute to the early days of tile-based platformer games with its retro block-based worlds, combined with 3D graphics.